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Are Your Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Your Life?


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Your beliefs are always 100% true, but only for you! And this means your limiting beliefs are also 100% true, but only for you.”
- Laimei Yeung

We all know that our beliefs can propel us in life, give us incredibly energy to achieve things, and our successes are built on a strong belief that “yes, I can.”

On the flip side, our limiting beliefs are debilitating, holding us back, injecting unreasonable fear in us, paralysing us, and preventing us from fulfilling our potential or enjoying success.

Elon Musk is an extreme example of someone filled with empowering beliefs that have propelled his businesses forward, regardless of setbacks. His belief is so strong that he says he will send a SpaceX rocket to Mars, with cargo only, by 2022, cargo and crew by 2024, and a million people by 2050. That’s a powerful belief!

A limiting belief, on the other hand, is when someone responds to Musk’s bold Mars statements by saying, “Musk is different, it’s in his DNA.” Or they might say about Musk that he “is born lucky and didn’t have to worry about money so he could pursue his dreams.”

It doesn't matter if Musk's beliefs are reasonable or that others' limiting beliefs about him are true. What matters is what YOU believe. 

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What about your limiting beliefs?

What are the limiting beliefs holding you back in life? Perhaps it’s time to do a little limiting beliefs “audit.” (if you’d like a more detailed explanation about beliefs, do read last week’s post) Just answer the questions below and note whether your answers are more in the left-side column or right-side column.

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Where do most of your answers fall? Left-side column (yes, this is my belief), or right-side column (no, this isn’t my belief)?

Guess what? It doesn't matter! But you will have a sense of whether you hold more empowering or limiting beliefs, which is more important than having a score. Apologies for "tricking" you this way and this audit intended to help you get a better sense of your beliefs.

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The Challenge of Limiting Beliefs

Having a limiting belief won't kill you; let's get that straight. BUT it can prevent you from living a life of purpose, a life of success, a life of fulfilment and joy. And that's why it's essential to address your beliefs.
The challenge is to identify our limiting beliefs as it’s often masked and hidden by our blind spots. Because it’s difficult to do this on your own, do have a chat with a coach or therapist. They’re trained to unlock your blind spots.
But even after identifying your limiting beliefs, changing it to something useful is another massive challenge, and there's where hypnotherapy comes in.

How hypnotherapy helps us "reset" our limiting beliefs

Hypnotherapy is simply put, a way to relax your mind into a state of calm yet very focussed attention on your limiting belief to gently transform this belief into a more useful one.
Hypnotherapy often brings you to the root cause of this limiting belief that could stem from childhood issues, or from a trauma or incident that's left unresolved. The best part is that hypnotherapy uses only the power of your mind to achieve lasting results without drugs or invasive tools.

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Contact me

Instead of letting limiting beliefs hold you back, let me help you transform your limiting beliefs into a useful one that propels you to the rich and fulfilling life you deserve!
As Don Miguel Ruiz, a must-read Mexican author, once said, “We only see what we want to see; we only hear what we want to hear. Our belief system is just like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.”
Isn’t it time for your mirror show you the way forward in life?

Love, Laimei ♥
Certified Hypnotherapist

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