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Help! I don’t trust myself.

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Imagine this.
James Bond is about to disarm yet another nuclear bomb. As the timer rapidly ticks down to 3 seconds,Bond needs to decide which wire to cut. As the timer shows one second remaining, our hero asks himself, “Do I really know what I’m doing? Do I trust myself?”
And with that hesitation, the bomb goes off, and all
of England is reduced to rubble.
Of course, that never happens in a Bond movie as
he never doubts his abilities. He trusts himself
What about us who don’t have that Bond swagger?
Do we always trust ourselves? Do we believe we can
achieve our goals? Do we have confidence that our
next simple step in life is the right one?
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Sadly, some of us will go through our entire lives without fully trusting ourselves as we doubt our every decision, every choice, and every action. The result? We trap ourselves in anxiety, and this, in turn, causes us to lose even more confidence and trust. We keep sliding down that slippery slope.
Why do we feel we’re not good enough and don’t trust ourselves more? Well, there are a lot of reasons, and it’s very personal and very different for
all of us. And that’s why I’d like to share this video to help you trust yourself a little more so that you live a more balanced life, full of confidence and joy.
In other words, a life that has moved from anxiety to empowerment.
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