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How To Cope With  Rollercoaster Emotions 1-day Hypnosis and Somatic Movement
Workshop with Laimei & Kleber

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During this workshop we will teach you how to

• Sense bodily sensations and emotions

• Quickly shift your inner state through qigong movements

• Use non-verbal-communication in expressing emotions

• Increase your emotional intelligence through hypnotic language and imaginary

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Venue: Jianguoxilu Lane 506, house 44
建国西路506 弄44号

Morning session 9.30 am- 12 pm:

Kleber: After a brief theoretical introduction, you’ll experience body motion and breathing exercises to open up your body and achieve deeper relaxation. While in this state, you'll experience a shift in your inner self and try different postures that will recall different feelings and emotions, discovering your rooted mind-body connection.
Laimei: To explore and notice bodily sensations and emotions, Laimei will guide you through exercises and help you explore your emotional language to identify emotions. Afterwards, you will be guided to deep hypnotic relaxation to balance the nervous system and feel inner calm and peace.

Afternoon session 1 pm- 3.30 pm:

Kleber: After having experienced the mind-body-emotions connection, you will now play out these different postures and interact with others, seeing how these play an important role both in external and inner communication. Using non-verbal communication will allow you to open up to different communication patterns that are rarely experienced otherwise, and you will understand how these play an important role in life. In the end, you will have a better understanding of the way you project your emotions and use your mind and body in connection to them.
Laimei: You will enjoy a hypnotic regression to increase your emotional intelligence. Unlike your IQ, your emotional intelligence (EQ) is malleable. Scientists describe the brain’s ability to change as “plasticity .“ IQ remains relatively stable throughout your life, but your EQ can be developed, improved and honed. Using the tools of hypnosis, you will EQ is the ability to tap into your emotions and use them to make your life better. Your emotions affect you as well as the people around you. EQ is synonymous with interpersonal effectiveness. As expected, a high EQ boosts career and interpersonal success, leadership talent, entrepreneurial potential, humor and happiness as well as a decrease in stress.
By learning techniques to be in touch with your emotions, you are better prepared to manage stress levels and communicate effectively, both personally and professionally. The pillars of EQ are: Self-awareness, Empathy, Self-regulation, Motivation, Social Skills, and Happiness. Three foundations in achieving higher levels of emotional intelligence include: self-awareness, interpersonal connection and putting EQ into use.
You will go home with a daily hypnotic audio to listen to.

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What is Hypnotherapy and Somatic Therapy, and how does it help?


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Hypnotherapy is the practice of psychotherapy with a client who is in a hypnotic altered state of consciousness. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way to access the source of distress, like depression and anxiety, and for people to reconnect with dissociated emotions and disowned parts of themselves. Hypnotherapy helps clients get closer to the source of their issues by opening the doorway to their subconscious mind.

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The core difference between hypnotherapy and other methods is depth and speed. Using hypnotherapy techniques like relaxation, guided imagery, and the trance-like state, therapists can access the subconscious more quickly than the traditional methods. Traditional methods may take weeks, months, or years to uncover the subconscious behind issues that are manifesting in clients. With hypnotherapy, these reasons can be found in as little as one session and is an effective and efficient way of creating lasting changes, including trauma, sexual integrity issues, anxiety and depression.

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Somatic Therapy is a Psycho-Somatic combination of body motion, joint and muscle control, breathing, and visualization. This will guide the participant into a self-discovery of the mind-body connection but also let them feel and follow the motion coming from the inner motion of the body instead of the conscious motion they are used to in the everyday motion. Furthermore, it will also help the practitioner better understand the conscious motions and control it better and free their motion that most of the time is limited or restricted by their daily habits and common activity and motion patterns.

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Useful motion patterns are learned according to certain sequences that will deal with different body-mind connections. With repetition they will wire a particular pathway that will be then used by the subconscious activity of the nervous system, creating a different body frame and alignment that will also help in dealing with body pain and muscles chain and fascia release. This will benefit the participant health on both body and mind, with lasting effects that go way beyond usual methods like massages therapies or bone settings.

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Laimei Yeung
Laimei works as a Certified Hypnotherapist (RTT). She is passionate about supporting people in managing anxieties & fears and becoming more confident and have higher self-esteem. She has dealt with her anxiety and emotional trauma, coming out the other way to live the life she always dreamt of: an empowered life filled with healthy relationships and a passionate job. She believes strongly in self-growth, personal transformation and bringing out the best in peo

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Kleber Battaglia
Kleber Battaglia is a psychologist who specializes in learning processes. His interest is widely into the field of self-awareness, and he studied NLP and Transactional Analysis to understand the communication process between individuals deeply. Being also an expert of Eastern philosophy and teaching Kungfu in China, he developed his own approach that combines Mind, Body and Emotions. He helped people to discover, analyze and connect and unify those different fields so precious to every individual.

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