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Problems are not the problem,


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Problems are not the problem, coping is the problem
Coping skills can help people adjust to stressful events while helping them maintain their emotional well-being.

Use these skills to face stress and/or trauma, they will help you manage painful or difficult emotions.From anger to loneliness, anxiety and depression, coping skills can help you overcome difficult external situations.There are different forms of coping skills.

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Identify the problem and developing solutions to manage it.

This will help to make the situation less overwhelming, keep it light.

Physical activity
As mentioned before at relaxation, exercise can serve as a natural form of stress relief

Unfortunately some people tend to use other copings skills do deal with their stress. Some escape and numb their true feelings. This can be done by isolating themselves from friends or even creating an unhealthy habit, from binge eating till watching television.

Using the right and effective copings skills can often help improve your mental and emotional well-being.

If you are experiencing stress and you don’t know how to cope, please do not hesitate to contact me to find out how I can help you! As a therapist I can provide support, information and help you exploring which coping skills may work the best for you!

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