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What are the little things that make you angry?

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It happened again. Someone did something that annoys you. You keep your mouth shut.

On one side, every time you say something about it, nothing changes.

So you bite your tongue. You’re always the bigger person. You’ll just let it roll off you.

You refuse to let it get to you, you move on
But then again ...
After a while ...

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It’s accumulating because you just don't understand why this person acts in this way. Maybe this person calls you and you don’t even want to answer the call or communicate with him/her. Just being around them puts you on-guard so you find yourself avoiding interacting with them as much as you can.

Hmmm ... Maybe your anger hasn’t rolled as far off your back as you pretend it has. Did you really let it go?

Every day at work, at home, and in relationships, people in their daily lives are doing what they think is “the right thing” to keep the peace by not expressing their anger.

My clients are telling me over and over again:

“I'm always angry, I don't know how to control myself, so I just don t speak up and feel irritated with myself.” “It is bad to be angry, I don t want to be this kind of person, I just stop to communicate”.

Of course it seems like you’re simply taking the high road or not being petty. And while that may be the case, it also comes as a cost. When you go through life biting your tongue, all those little, petty annoyances and irritations keep building and building until resentment inside you turns into a rage you can’t hold in any longer.

That’s when you end up spazzing out and having huge fights over nothing. What could have been a valid communication that addresses the real problem, becomes screaming, threats of leaving and saying nasty things about each other that have been bottled up inside in order to “keep the peace”.

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Not really that peaceful, does it? If you truly want a peaceful future, you need to change your perspective on expressing your anger.

See, the thing is... you can’t go through life without getting angry with people. It’s a natural emotion. But we’re taught from a young age that anger is dangerous, and violent, and hurts people.

We don’t want to be known as that person who’s always angry. So when we feel it, we stuff it. Or we hide it in sarcastic humor. Or we just get sad.

You have to know it’s okay to be angry and express it.

As long as it’s not being used as an excuse to attack someone or be malicious, your anger is actually an active clue into finding core blocks to your intuition and your abundance.

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Hypnotherapy can really help you and regress you to your anger, become aware of it and learn new techniques and skills to manage this emotion.

Are you feeling anger so you won’t have to face the painful emotion underneath? You can learn how to pay attention to your anger, process it, and move through it to clear your underlying issue by tapping into your intuition.

It’s just one of the things we do in Hypnotheray-RTT to get you on the road to truly improving your life!

If you can identify yourself in the story above and you would like to take a deep look at your anger process, do contact me for an appointment.

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Love, Laimei

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