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What Gets In The Way Of Self-Trust?

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Self-abandonment. Chronically going against yourself.
Over time, this habit of self-abandonment results in a lack of self-trust… which then bleeds over into your ability to trust other people in your life.

If you frequently struggle to believe that other people actually care about you, or you aren’t sure if others have your best interest at heart, recognize that this can all be a function of projection and that YOU might be the one who isn’t caring about you, or having your best interests at heart.

Be kind to yourself and it will be that much easier to trust the kindness of others.
In terms of the root issues of what gets in the way of self-trust, I would say that there are two major culprits.

Our truth was made wrong by family/friends/the culture, society, or peer group around us.
– We are simply in the habit of going against what our hearts have to say to us, because our truth is somehow viewed as inconvenient.

In either case, self-trust is reclaimed by rekindling our relationship to ourselves, and treating ourselves as we would our most cherished friend or loved one.

One of the most potent ways that we can build more self-trust is by regularly challenging ourselves

Regardless of whether or not we succeed in accomplishing the task, simply the mere act of giving ourselves the challenge grows our self-esteem and self-trust because it sends the message that we are someone who is worthy enough to be challenged with difficult things in the first place.

Ask out that attractive person you have a crush on.

Initiate that difficult conversation with someone who you have been meaning to clear the air with.

Go after that job you want.

Push yourself in your physical exercise goals.

Move forward in your life and claim what you want.

All of these types of actions build self-trust. You merely have to be willing to accept the challenge, and do your best.

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