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Why your beliefs will help make 

2021 a transformational year!

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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
- Teddy Roosevelt, 26th US President


I love this little quote from Teddy Roosevelt. And as we start 2021 with intentions and goals ready, now’s a great time to examine our positive and empowering beliefs, as well as our limiting beliefs. Our beliefs will provide the fuel to achieving our goals or put on the brakes to our hopes and dreams.

But what exactly is a belief? Ask five of your close friends, and you might get eight different answers! Anthony Robbins, a leading figure in the personal excellence field for over 30 years, explains what a belief is very nicely. Robbins says that a belief is,“a feeling of certainty about what something means. Beliefs create the maps that guide us toward our goals and give us the power to take action.”

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How did our belief system evolve? Where did our beliefs come from? Almost all our beliefs come from the results from our past, significant events in our life, the environment we grew up in and are in at the moment, the knowledge we acquire over time, and our vision of the future. And of course, many of our beliefs come from our parents, caretakers, siblings, teachers, and authority figures.

Because of our beliefs, we sometimes say “I’m too inexperienced to work on this project,” or “I’m too old to start my own business,” or “I can easily win a verbal argument against anyone,” or “all people from this country are warm-hearted and kind.”

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I’m sure you realise that these beliefs could be 100% true, or 100% false!! All that matters is that it’s true for you and nothing anyone says can change your belief, even in the face of completely foolproof evidence.

Will beliefs affect my 2021 intentions and goals?

Your beliefs will definitely affect your 2021 intentions and goals. Empowering beliefs will propel you forward while limiting beliefs will hold you back.
So how about we take stock of our beliefs now? And after that, we can use our empowering beliefs to help us move forward and change our limiting beliefs to make it more neutral so that it doesn’t hold us back.

Do download your very own My Beliefs worksheet at the “read more” button at the bottom of this article.

Enjoy exploring and understanding your beliefs!

“Whatever you believe becomes your reality.”
- unknown

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