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6 Common Wellness Issues
Hypnosis Can Help With

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Think of hypnosis and you’ll probably remember absurd movie scenes where a person is hypnotised to commit a crime, fall in love, or do silly things. It’s all about control by one person over another. Or you’ve seen stage hypnotists do something silly, like getting stuck on their chair or thinking they were a chicken.

This is a crazy representation of hypnosis and so wrong!

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a well-established and medically-proven treatment to help with many ailments that affect us daily.

This month, in a three-part series, I'll share how to use hypnosis to help with your well-being and overall wellness!

The first article you're now reading helps you understand the different emotional and physical issues that hypnosis can overcome. The next two pieces of our three-part will discuss self-hypnosis and how to get the most out of hypnosis as a useful wellness tool.

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What are hypnosis and hypnotherapy beneficial for?

★ 1. Sleep-related issues
Some experience trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or insomnia. Regardless of the type of sleep issue faced, insufficient sleep or poor quality sleep is debilitating and leads to all sorts of issues.
★ 2. Anxiety, confidence, and emotional challenges
Many of the emotional challenges people face lead to lower self-esteem, reduced self-confidence, and even lower resilience.
★ 3. Trauma
Childhood trauma due to abuse, neglect or abandonment often leads to emotional challenges later in life. PTSD is another form of trauma that affects many. Hypnosis has been recommended by healthcare professionals as an effective treatment to alleviate trauma.

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★ 4. Chronic pain
Hypnosis as a treatment for chronic pain? Certainly as very often, you can mask the pain so that life carries on unhindered. But of course, make sure you know why you have the pain as that’s important in your treatment.

★ 5. Quitting smoking or other addictive habits
Quitting is not easy, and hypnosis can help you kick the habit (sometimes gradually, sometimes very quickly) and stay off.
★ 6. Addictions
Smoking, food, and alcohol addiction are forms of dependencies that hypnosis has proven a useful treatment against.
How Hypnosis Works
This is how the world-famous Mayo Clinic in the US describes hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

“Hypnosis, also referred to as hypnotherapy or hypnotic suggestion, is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. Hypnosis is usually done with the help of a therapist using verbal repetition and mental images. When you're under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions.

Hypnosis can be used to help you gain control over undesired behaviors or to help you cope better with anxiety or pain. It's important to know that although you're more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you don't lose control over your behavior.”

The key takeaways from this useful Mayo Clinic description are:

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ith hypnosis, you will enjoy these three states of mind. Over time, your challenges will dissipate regular hypnosis sessions, leaving you in a better state of mind to tackle the tasks of the day, keep your energy levels high, and of course, allowing you to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

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Love, Laimei ♥
Certified Hypnotherapist

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