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Change your thoughts,

not you behaviour!!

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Are you struggling with problems in your relationships, your career or even money problems?

Than keep on reading and I will tell you more about 6 rules of the mind that will transform your life.
I will explain these 6 rules of the mind and how they apply to all these problems mentioned above. And how we can use them to have a rapid transformational change, which eventually will lead to a change in your life.

We are too busy focusing on changing our behaviour when instead we should change our thoughts. It is easy, using simple techniques and these 6 rules to change your thoughts.

You can have the life, body or career you have been dreaming of. Be happy, be focused, be calm and keep on reading!

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The 6 rules that will transform your life!!!

Rule 1 - What Is Expected Is Realized

It has always been said that the mind is very complex, but to be honest this is a myth! It is a lie to keep you going, because actually you are making it real. The main thing about the mind is to understand it, what is running you and how you can change it into making it work for you!
Saying certain things make it real, if you keep on telling yourself you are not enough, your mind will actually think you are not enough. "I am always late, I am not smart enough to date that person, I don’t have a slim body" and so one…
All you need to do is flip it. I want to ask you to write down a few sentences you say to yourself, after that flip it.

Instead of saying "I am not enough", flip it, "I am enough, I am good, I am unique." Try it!

Rule 2 - Your Imagination Is More Powerful Than Logic

Imagination let things in but it doesn’t deal with logic. Don’t focus on what has always been. For example if your family always has been poor this does not directly mean you are not able to earn a lot of money. Tell your mind that you will be the first one to do it differently.

Imagine your goals and it will become the truth. If you can see it you will believe it!

Rule 3 - In A Battle Between Emotion And Logic, Emotion Will Always Win…

Emotion of fear may overrule you in your actions. When telling yourself over and over again you are afraid of something it will affect how you are reacting on certain events.

Try to change your fear into excitement tell yourself, “I am looking forward to do it,I like it.” Choosing better words will give you the control over your emotions. Choosing “good” words and try making a habit of it and you will see your life change.

Rule4 - Your Mind Forms a Blueprint Based Entirely On The Words You Use & The Thoughts You Think

Your mind does what you tell it, if you tell yourself that you love fruit instead of cake your mind will not ask for cake.

Our minds job is to remove us from pain, so change the pictures in your head and the words you use. You can make anything pleasurable instead of painful. You react to your thoughts, this can be anything

What you want, wants you!

Rule 5 - Your Mind Avoids The Unfamiliar and Seeks The Familiar…

Your brain is actually wired to keep returning to what is familiar and to keep rejecting what is unfamiliar.

We don’t like to be introduced to newness every day, it is safe to like the same over and over again. We are actually wired to love what is familiar, and that’s why some people actually reject success, reject wealth, reject love. You will reject it, when you are not used to it, when it is not familiar.

For example, going to the gym. First you will think it is strange you don’t like it, you have to push yourself, say you are loving it. But after one week you will already notice that you are getting used to the structure, you are creating a habit!

This is the same for praising yourself. Praising ourselves is something we are not used to do and probably haven’t done for a very long time. Even though it has always been unfamiliar, now it is the time to change it. Praise yourself every day and make it familiar.

A great thing to be familiar with is believing in yourself, loving yourself, believing that you matter. Praise yourself, make praising yourself familiar, it is great! Make extraordinary self-belief familiar, believe in yourself

Praise is unfamiliar – Criticism is familiar

Rule 6 - You Get More Of What You Focus On…

Feeling pain or feeling tired? When you focus on it you will notice it will increase. We tend to mirror ourselves, we create a blueprint and everything on that blueprint will happen.
So focus on your talents, you are enough, and it will increase.
I am smart, I am talented and everyone will match your believe.

You make your believes and your believes will make you!
It is your choice to make something good so familiar, familiar enough that it becomes a part of your life. It’s a good thing to make familiar, being present, train your brain to get pleasure from tiny little things, the sun that is shining or drinking a cup of coffee. It’s wiring your brain to notice pleasure, and the more you wire your brain to notice pleasure in little things, the more your brain becomes wired to notice pleasure in something every day and you get more and more pleasure.
Change your thoughts and you will change your life!

Are you excited to install a positive, motivating mindset? Book a hypnotherapy session now and make new neural pathways which serve you in being like you want to be!
Love Laimei

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