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Imagine this ... You see a homeless person in the street and feel a tinge of sadness and a need to help to make this person’s life better. I’m sure this happens to you, doesn’t it?
We feel compassionate towards this unfortunate person, and we do our best to understand the situation they’re in. Some of us take it to the next level by offering help.
In our life, do we extend the same compassion to ourselves when things turn sour? Do we say kind words to ourselves when we’re feeling blue?
Or do we mercilessly criticise ourself with harsh self-talk and ignore the positive aspects of our life?
That’s where self-compassion comes in! But what exactly is self-compassion?
A leading expert in self-compassion, Dr. Kristen Neff, has this simple and elegant explanation.
“With self-compassion,we give ourselves the same kindness and care we'd give to a good friend".

Acknowledge your feelings about the situation - it happened, so let’s acknowledge it.
Wrap yourself with love and kindness - this means saying neutral to positive things about yourself instead of beating yourself up!
Remind yourself - imperfection and mistakes are part of life and happens to everyone!
Just FOLLOW THESE THREE STEPS every time life puts obstacles in your way, and over time, you’ll find that you’re more self-compassionate and certainly more resilient.
If you’d like a private hypnotherapy session with me to help with self-compassion, let’s find a time to chat. Extract the QR code below and send me a message that says, “self-compassion.”

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