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How to manage stress  during the holidays

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Most of the people face many stress during the holidays or even the preparation of the “big” days may be overwhelming. If you are experiencing this please do not hesitate to continue reading. I noted down some tips to de-stress during the holiday.

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1.Plan ahead

Stay organized and plan ahead, this way you will have control over your own time.
Always work from a list. When something new comes up, add it to the list before you do it. You can increase your productivity and output by 25 percent or more (about two hours a day) from the first day that you begin working consistently from a list.
Make your list the night before for the workday ahead. Move everything that you have to do the next day

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2. Get more rest.

Stress builds when you're tired. Try to get enough quality sleep! Or do some daily hypnosis to get more in balance with your body and mind.

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3. Accept Imperfection!Can’t good be good enough?

Everyday say to yourself: “I am good enough”, write it on your mirror, sing it in the shower, put it on your screensaver. The repetition of that simple phrase over and over (both out loud and in your head) will eventually make it difficult for your mind to object to it.

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4. Balance the emotions to avoid holiday blues.

For some people, the holidays bring emotional trauma, due to painful memories or family conflict. Emotional trauma can stimulate a person to eat more, resulting in weight gain after the holidays.
Check in with your emotions. Name your emotions and validate them.

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5. Radiate & shine!

When you radiate & shine, you feel good too. Make a list of positive, nurturing things you can do for yourself during holiday season (other than eating). Think of taking a nice bath, use some skin products or just go for a small workout. Take really good care of yourself.

Ask yourself: how do I nurture myself physically, emotionally and mentally?

Make a list!

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6. Rethink your resolutions

Start small –break your goals into smaller steps over the year. The changes don’t have to be drastic but they need to be sustainable for you!

Be kind to yourself - Small changes are also changes, just keep moving forward!

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How will you evolve in the year ahead?

Do you want to feel motivated, more confident to achieve what really matters to you, feel calm, relaxed and in control of yourself.

Contact me and lets get on a free intake call of 60 min!.
Love Laimei

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