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Taking the lid of your feelings!

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I love Dr Margaret Paul. I have learned so much through her courses and doing inner bonding myself.
Over and over again clients tell me: I don t want to feel, I want to feel happy and joyful and I want to get out of the sadness and negativity. Looking at your emotions and feeling them (Because feelings are messengers and they come to tell you something) will make that they will go much quicker.
Read the article of Dr Margaret Paul and how to deal with feelings to finally let Joy and Happiness in!
Is it hard for you to feel deep joy? Keeping on a lid on your pain also prevents you from experiencing your joy, did you realized that?
If you can identify yourself in this statement please continue reading!
I want to ask you to go back being a little child, just for a brief moment, and remember.. an adult being unloving to you.

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An adult, a parent, a teacher, a relative or some other adult in authority, is yelling at you! Is invalidating you, is ignoring you, is judging you, is hitting you or physically harming you.
Go back to that moment, an adult is abandoning you, is forcing you to do things you don’t want to do, is using you emotionally, sucking the life out of you… or any other violating, harmful, abusive behaviour.
How were you feeling at that moment?
You will become aware of the deep heartbreak within your little body – the heartbreak that you could not allow yourself to feel at that time because it was too big to manage.
By blocking it out, in several number of ways, you developed your wounded self: You told yourself that it was your fault, that you were bad or wrong, you were unlovable, flawed, unworthy of love.
Numbing your feelings, leaving your body and becoming focused on your mind.
Turning to various addictions, daydreaming, fantasizing, food – and later drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictions.

Completely losing yourself, becoming a “good child” because that is what the adults wanted you to be. Becoming like your abusers, abusing others when you could.You forgot what it was like to be truly joyful, the aliveness and joy of your soul dimmed!
With Inner Bonding you are able to heal this right now.
Going back to the heartbreak of childhood.

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Put your hand on your heart, opening to Spirit, inviting love and compassion for your little heartbroken child. Find the caring, tender, gentle place in your heart for your own heartbreak. Become the loving parent to your child that you needed when you were a child. What he/she is needing right now is acceptance. Allow Spirit to speak through you, tell your child the truth from your heart: "My sweet little one, it wasn't your fault. There was nothing wrong with you. You were not bad. The adults took their pain and woundedness out on you. You were helpless over them. They didn't know how to love. Of course you were heartbroken. My wonderful little one, you deserved love then and you deserve love now. Spirit was always with us, sustaining us. I am here now, and I love you."
Embracing the heartbreak with deep gentleness toward your child, go through as many memories as you can. Consciously releasing the heartbreak to Spirit, opening your authentic. You are opening your heart to your joy and your ability to love.
Embracing the heartbreak of the past however is not enough. You need to learn to stay present in your body and embrace the core pain in the present. Interacting with people and events may be heart breaking, every day. Causing loneliness, heartache, sadness, and helplessness over others and situations. If you continue to protect against these core existential painful feelings, you will continue to keep your heart closed, which keeps the lid on your joy, love, passion, aliveness, personal power and emotional freedom.
You will realize that embracing your core existential pain is not nearly as hard as dealing with the wounded pain.
The wounded pain you create with all your protections against your core pain. In the heart core pain and core joy live in the same place. Embracing the pain will open to the joy that is your birth

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