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Are You Invisible?
How to find your voice and share your gifts with others!

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Some of us feel invisible. Some act invisible. Some don’t know they’re invisible!

But what’s common with being “invisible” is their behaviour: they play small, procrastinate, fear failure, fear success, are left out of conversations, not being invited to events, possibly numbing themselves with food, alcohol, shopping…

Consciously or unconsciously, they want to be invisible.

It’s time to stop being invisible! And it’s time to find your voice and share your gifts with others! It’s time.

I know the feeling all too well myself having gone through periods of being invisible in my life, and I have a well-proven solution based on hypnotherapy, my “drug” of choice!

And what can we do about it? Here’s a few useful ways.

Ask and LISTEN. If your friends or colleagues ignore your texts and calls, ASK them if something is bothering them or if you can help in any way. The key is to LISTEN! Instead of blaming yourself and becoming even more invisible in the relationship, ask them what’s on their mind. Again, do this with friends or colleagues whose friendship you cherish and get used to asking this type of question. When you’re more confident after a few successes, tackle the more difficult friends and colleagues.

Make yourself number 1. Are you ignoring your own needs and feelings? Does pleasing others come first? Do you expect someone else to make you feel worthy or “visible”? If that’s you and you realise you’re doing it again, yell a huge STOP in your mind and make yourself heard and seen like how I explained earlier. Make yourself number 1 and take care of your needs and feelings first. Shouting STOP in your mind is a great “pattern interrupt” and it gives you more control over your feelings at that moment. Respect your feelings first and your invisibility disappears.

Make yourself heard. Make a firm commitment to change how you use your voice. Instead of hiding behind a silent and invisible screen, allow your voice to be heard. How? Start with smaller and simpler situations speak out in public. Don’t go for the big and scary occasion in front of hundreds of people to do that! Instead, start when you’re in small groups and allowyour voice to be heard. With each small success, you gain confidence and take small but significant steps towards making yourself heard. Making yourself heard is tough as the fear of criticism and rejection can get in the way. If you find yourself stuck because of this, read the next point!

Seek professional help or a support group. Contact me and I can help you overcome your need for invisibility using the powerful yet gentle tools of hypnotherapy. Many clients have asked me if hypnotherapy works, and let me share what David Spiegel, MD, professor and associate chair of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Stanford University, has to say about hypnosis.

“Hypnosis is the oldest Western form of psychotherapy, but it’s been tarred with the brush of dangling watches and purple capes. In fact, it’s a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies.”

I find that last sentence of his so true and meaningful for those suffering from being invisible, “use our minds to control perception and our bodies.” This is exactly what hypnotherapy does for all of us!

Time to make yourself in-VISIBLE!

“Be The Reason

Someone Smiles Today”

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