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Increase Motivation and
Cheer Yourself On!
Learn to love yourself with all your flaws and
celebrate your small and big milestones.

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Do you find yourself a little short of motivation at times? Even for things you know you must do, or are motivated to do?

Guess what? You’re normal, and many of us run out of emotional energy at the wrong time, even for activities that we should have the motivation to start

and complete, e.g., planning for your well-deserved vacation or deciding where to bring our dream date for dinner.


Even when faced with stimulating and exciting tasks and activities, we sometimes just can’t get going. Of course, for tedious and repetitive tasks, the lack of motivation is more pronounced.


Why is this so? Neuroscience shares many secrets of how our brain works in producing chemicals that either motivates or demotivates us to start tedious

and boring tasks or for exciting and important ones.


What about procrastinators who blame themselves about their lack of motivation? The reality is that it’s not a motivation issue but rather, an underlying fear of failure or success that holds them back. Then

they feel even more demotivated by their inactivity and get pulled into a vicious cycle.

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What if you’re constantly feeling demotivated?
If you’re constantly feeling demotivated, this means your brain has a mental pattern that’s so powerful that even the pleasure-inducing chemical, dopamine, can’t change your desire or ability to get moving.
You can do a few things to help yourself:
(1) Identify and change your negative self-talk, or (2) Train your
brain cheer yourself on, (3) Use a therapist to help
transform your mental patterns.
As a hypnotherapist, I find that many are a little concerned about the cost of hypnotherapy, even though the benefits are well documented and
effective. That’s why I’ve put together a video package where you can enjoy a hypnotherapy session with me, with the only difference being that
you can play the video of me anytime, anywhere,and as often as you like.
I know you’ll find these hypnotherapy video sessions as useful as my face-to-face client work!
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Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On, is hosted.
Learn to love yourself with all your flaws and celebrate your small and big milestones.
Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On!
Love, Laimei
Certified Hypnotherapist
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