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This is the world-famous Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona, Spain.

Designed by renown Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi, construction started in 1882 and by the time of Gaudi’s death in 1926, less than 25% of the church was finished.
This stunningly beautiful church will be completed in 2026.

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This picture on the right is not a scale model of the Sagrada Familia although it certainly looks like it.

This is a termite’s nest!
And doesn’t it look remarkably similar to the world-famous church?

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One cathedral was built slowly, carefully, and guided by a masterplan from Gaudi. At the same time, the other was left to pure instinct by the termites (and I can confirm they did not attend school or any of my hypnotherapy sessions!).

Unconsciously, the termites believed they could do it and trusted their instincts to know how to start and when to finish.

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There’s a simple lesson for us from our little termite friends, i.e., life gives you what you want when you have a growth mindset and believe in yourself.

Which limiting belief would you leave behind or shift in order to believe in yourself?

All it takes is to believe in yourself …

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