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Feel the feeling,

but don’t become the emotion!

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If you are struggling with your feelings and don’t allow yourself to feel your emotions than please keep on reading.

 In this blog I will give you 3 reasons to let yourself feel your emotions. 

Because not allowing your emotions will often lead to more suffering.
We are often taught that we should try to avoid unpleasant emotions, our minds are programmed to avoid pain. From the beginning we were born, as children, we were told things as, “ there’s nothing to be sad about”, “don’t cry”. These suggestions, make us flee from our emotions. Trying to escape from those unpleasant feelings, this can be done through alcohol, drugs but also binging or emotional eating.

In this blog I will give you 3 reasons why it is important to allow yourself to experience your true feelings. Because I believe that it is healthier to experience your pain, rather than numbing down your true feelings.

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1. When you numb sadness, you also numb other emotions like happiness and joy!
Selectively numbing feelings is not possible, avoiding your feelings may help experiences the feelings less. But on the other hand it will also stop you from feeling the other emotions like happiness and joy! That is the benefit of being human, feeling sadness and pain makes you able to feel happiness and joy too!
Your feelings are like the waves in the ocean, they come and they go! Nothing lasts forever and all of our emotions can be seen as gifts, they help us grow as people!

2. Struggling with your emotions often leads to more suffering.
Fighting your feelings can often lead to more suffering. For example, you also don’t put a band-aid on a gaping wound, it will make you feel better temporarily, but it will not fix the underlying problem. Using negative coping strategies to numb your emotions causes you to feel even worse in the long term!
Our emotions are often messengers of important signals that we need to pay attention too, observe your feeling, notice them and ask yourself, your feeling self, “What emotions are you experiencing in this moment?”
The terms for emotions are just single words, such as scared, worried or angry. Begin identifying your emotions with “I feel..” statements. For example, “ I feel scared” or “I feel excited”.

3. Having a full life means experiencing and processing your feelings.
You are preventing yourself from living a full and meaningful life when you are focused on numbing your feelings. Trying to run from your emotions is exhausting. Trying to suppress these emotions, anger, hurt, sadness etc., makes us unable to thrive. Feeling all your emotions, pleasant and unpleasant is part of living a full life. You can not experience falling in love and the joy that love brings without the heartbreak.
Cope with emotions
Being able to cope with emotions is the practice of self-compassion, which is simply treating and responding to yourself the way you would a loved one who was sad or struggling. You deserve to extend to yourself the same kindness that you would to others that you love. Beating yourself up for feeling sad, anxious, or scared often serves to make you feel even worse. Instead, work to say kind and gentle things to yourself and eng

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