With hypnotherapy,

    you can manage anxiety, phobias, fears, and confidence challenges.


    If you’re suffering or struggling with one of these ailments, I can help you!


    Confidence & self-esteem

    Stress Management

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    Emotional & stress eating


    Healthy relationships

    Nutrition Support

  • Laimei’s Hypnotherapy Solutions

    I offer three programs, each aimed at helping you overcome the challenges you face.

    The result? You become your best you as you find the inner calm you deserve, and resilience to lead a confident life.

  • “I loved my sessions with Laimei!

    That one hour every two weeks made me see my priorities and health goals very clear!

    Laimei went very into depth to understand what I really was hungry

    for and she helped me to regain my energy to live a fulfilled life!


    Thank you Laimei for your empathy and support in these last 6 months.”

    Nathalie Y

    “Laimei guided me through tools to manage my time, improve my confidence and self-love.
    She made me view things in a different perspective and encouraged me to combine all my talents.

    A wonderful woman, with great energy and lovely disposition to help you to connect with your true talent.”


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