• Online Courses

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    Course 1. Free From Emotional Eating - a comprehensive 16 week program

    Do you suffer from emotional or stress eating and tried all sorts of diets in the past that hasn’t worked?


    Do you find it difficult to lose weight and keep it off?


    Are you addicted to sugary and salty foods and binge eat?

    If we’ve just described your eating challenges, we have an online nutrition and hypnotherapy program to help you regain control!

  • "The Free From Emotional Eating program changed my lifestyle and eating habits and had a big impact.
    Now, I have a different approach to food, not afraid of it, and less cravings, not even to sugary sweets. I am in control.

    Thanks Laimei, I really love the motivation and support I received during the session."


    "Being part of the Free From Emotional Eating program resulted in small changes in my life,
    which eventually had a big impact. I am more aware of my eating habits and made some positive changes
    towards food and sport. I am really happy with the cheerleader audio which helped me to focus on myself.

    The program helped me find liked-minded people, and I found my own cheerleader.
    I am really happy, I feel stronger and I am more kind to myself."


  • Course 2. Increase Motivation and Cheer Yourself On!

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    Course 3. Boost Your Self-Worth & Feel Good Enough!

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    Course 4. Cut out the criticism and install praise

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