• From Anxiety to Empowerment!

    A hypnotherapy program to help you move from fear and anxiety to confidence and control of your life!

  • “My mission

    in life is not merely to survive,

    but to thrive; and to do so

    with some passion, some

    compassion, some humour,

    and some style”

    – Mary Angelou


    It fills our bodies. Tension. Heart pounding uncontrollably. Sweating for no reason.

    Sound familiar?

    There are varying levels and types of anxiety, including clinical disorders. But there’s one thing in common when we succumb to anxiety — we feel intense despair, like the world is caving in on us, and life may even appear meaningless.

    But what if anxiety isn’t always negative?

    What if we could begin to see it differently?

    What if we transform anxiety into empowerment?

  • Let me digress for a moment and share my story of how I reached this point in my life where I help people find empowerment and taking control of their life.

    I was stuck in unhealthy relationships, food addiction, social anxiety, and I kept on colliding with my loved ones. I tried different diets, meditation, coaching, support groups, therapists, and I didn't get the results I wanted, I felt like I was in this vicious circle.

    Though there was a part of me, that knew there was a solution out there. I discovered the work of Marisa Peer, a transformational Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist, did my deep work through hypnosis and became a Certified Hypnotherapist. My health thrived, my business took off because I believed in myself and increased my confidence to speak out and reach out. I had achieved a lot, though my intimate relationships were still unbalanced.


    When my marriage was breaking apart, we didn't hear each other anymore and that’s when I encountered the work of Ken Page, a Psychotherapist & Author of Deeper Dating®. I started to heal the relationship with myself first and this allowed me to heal with my husband and family. I understood that my childhood trauma and attachment patterns, copied from my parents, were the reason for my marriage issues.

    Using the tools from Ken Page, I created a close connection with my husband, children, and family of origin! I shifted from anger and frustration to trusting in myself, reaching out, and feeling safe to speak up.

  • Change your life through empowerment

    It was at this moment that I decided to equip myself with the tools to help others just like me, and this program is the result!

    Anyone going through this program with me will leave feeling stronger and more confident, especially in controlling your thoughts, and therefore, your life.

    From anxiety to empowerment!

  • The Program

    The program comprises of group sessions of Deeper Dating® Coaching and Hypnotherapy to empower you, spread over eight weeks.

    We will cover 4 stages.

    Stage 1: Discover your talents and gifts and lower anxiety

    • Week 1: Hypnotherapy on calming down anxiety and using the power of the mind to work for you!

    • Week 2: Coaching: Discover your core gifts- a key to finding yourself and others

    Stage 2: Release the fear of rejection and increase self- confidence

    • Week 3: Hypnotherapy on fear of rejection

    • Week 4: Coaching: How your attractions reveal your core gifts

    Stage 3: Feel safe turning your inner critic into a motivating voice

    • Week 5: Hypnotherapy onblocking criticism and letting in praise

    • Week 6: Coaching: Tapping your deepest roots: skills to stay deeply connected with your goals and objectives

    Stage 4: Cultivate the new YOU

    • Week 7: Hypnotherapy session: Being good enough!
    • Week 8: Taming the great saboteurs
  • Each stage has a hypnotherapy session of 1.5 hours where we will go deeply into the work of Ken Page and explore your attachment patterns, followed by a coaching class (1.5 hour) the week after. By using hypnotherapy we can go back to the root cause of self-limiting beliefs and with NLP, CBT techniques shift these coping mechanisms into thriving skills.

    The power of a group! Based on the group format of Ken Page, this supportive network will create a safe haven for you to share, explore and grow into the person you are meant to be.

    Each class, with a maximum of 10 participants only, will be recorded and sent to you afterwards.

    Your investment is only 3888 RMB for the 8- week program.

  • Included in your program fee are:

    • email support between sessions
    • a 60 min 1-on-1 intake to delve deep into your beliefs and patterns
    • a 30 min call after 8 weeks to evaluate and look at your achievements
    • a free group session to balance your nervous system, with the audio shared with you
    • guidelines to take excellent care of yourself during these 8 weeks: nutrition, self-care, and resilience techniques
    • a buddy to keep you accountable
    • a group chat to motivate and cheer each other on

  • Special Gift

    As a special gift to all of you, please download my eBook, How to build resilience. And please share it with anyone you feel could do with more resilience in life!