• Laimei Yeung

    Certified RTT Hypnotherapist, Nutrition Coach, Resilience and HeartMath Coach

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    Clients are dumbfounded when I tell them I suffered from insecurity, and low confidence and self-esteem. I seem to have it all; a beautiful family, thriving businesses, and a great relationship with family and friends.


    Despite this abundance, I wasn't always the confident woman I am today.

    An eating disorder

    The truth is I struggled for 20 years with emotional eating, bulimia, and obsessive dieting and exercising. I had a sweet tooth and could never resist cakes and pastries, and craved fast carbs.


    I was always sick and fatigued and developed a love-hate relationship with food and my body-image.


    But I was still healthy enough to explore the world, and I came to China in my early twenties and enjoyed a very fulfilling corporate job, living on a diet of junk food.


    After four years of corporate life, I started working with my husband in our restaurants where hectic and demanding 14-hour workdays were the norm. My health deteriorated, and I didn't have the energy to go through the day.


    Then my world collapsed — I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.


    It was at that moment when the madness I witnessed everyday in the restaurants hit home. I would see clients over-eating, drinking; clients, especially women, who hardly ate or nibbled on just a small salad; clients who couldn't say no to food when out eating with their friends.


    I realized I couldn't continue this way and needed to change my diet and beliefs about food and nutrition.

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    Hypnosis and nutrition as the solution to my emotional eating

    I studied Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), a very powerful and highly effective form of hypnotherapy, and found that it made a profound and positive difference in my life!


    It worked so well that I offered this form of hypnotherapy to clients who also showed positive results, all in the space of just two to three sessions.


    Today, nothing makes me happier than when my hypnotherapy solutions help professionals regain control of their lives, manage their emotions, and build up confidence and resilience.


    I have been there, experienced it, and I’m delighted to share hypnotherapy solutions that have worked very well for me. It has transformed me into the person I deserve to be!

    My credentials

    • Certified RTT Hypnotherapist- Marissa Peer Rapid Transformation Therapy 2016 UK
    • Certified Nutrition Coach- Institute of Integrative Nutrition, NY
    • Certified Resilience and HeartMath Coach- HeartMath institute, California
  • “Working with Laimei has simply been transformational.


    I had patterns of behavior that would creep up in unexpected areas of my life & I felt like I was in my own way somehow. I obviously wanted to excel in certain things but kept feeling like there was a wall I couldn't break through.


    When I heard of Laimei's Rapid Transformational Therapy I jumped right in & I am so glad I did because she unlocked some deep seated issues that I had no clue were at the basis of why I wasn't moving forward in the way I knew I could. She helped me unlock things that I had internalized from my childhood that were not serving me well. After doing her sessions & listening to the recordings, I feel so liberated, so free, so at ease, so clear headed & I feel that my energy is so much more expansive. I'm working on projects I've always wanted to do but had somehow never gotten around to.


    I honestly am so excited about my life right now because I have this renewed sense of self & personal power & I have Laimei to thank for that.”