• Rebekah Ryan

    Clinical Hypnotherapist, RTT therapist and Mindset Coach

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    My story:

    I got my 'wake up' call one morning in my mid 40's when I woke up with chest pains and went to the hospital, only to discover that there was nothing physically wrong with me, my physical symptoms were the result of crippling stress and anxiety. I had recently been through a divorce, I had a demanding job that required overnight travel and I had two dependent children, so I was feeling totally overwhelmed. The anxiety was affecting my ability to concentrate and I felt 'stuck' with looping thoughts and self- doubt.

    I'd always had an interest in the power of the mind, meditation and mindfulness and studied these for years, and although I knew a lot in theory, in practice I could get some improvement but not shift things completely. So I turned to hypnotherapy looking for answers. Through hypnotherapy and RTT, I got to the core of my limiting, subconscious beliefs, learnt new skills to enable me to thrive rather than merely cope and adopted a success mindset. I learnt how to become centred, dialogue with my mind and change my beliefs at the subconscious level. I let go of the past and it set me on a new career path. I then trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist and Mindset Coach.

    I chose to specialise in anxiety because I had amazing success in this area and saw a huge need for natural, mind -body solutions that empower people. As a small business owner, I also have a special interest in helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to break free from their limiting beliefs and success blocks. So often, I see people who feel stuck repeating patterns. These manifest as issues with motivation, procrastination, self-sabotage and fear. It’s so important to dive beneath the surface to address the unconscious beliefs, because if you just work at a surface level and change a few habits or adopt a new routine, the underlying issues persist.

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    My approach enables us to get to the root cause of the issue, rather than just focusing on the symptoms and masking those. I guide you to release your subconscious, limiting beliefs and embed new beliefs using hypnosis and then, working together utilising mindset coaching, we create a total transformation. Did you know that over 90% of our decisions are made by our subconscious mind? We create so many of our beliefs as children and our ingrained, subconscious thoughts, beliefs and perceptions are often driving our lives today. Just like updating an old computer program that's just not working for us, it's possible to rewire our thinking with new neural pathways, to create phenomenal change.

    I feel excited and energised when I see my clients transform before my eyes and I know in my heart that I am living my purpose. There is nothing more rewarding than guiding someone to experience profound, liberating, permanent change. Life is too short to waste precious moments feeling 'stuck', when you have your powerful, subconscious mind ready to work with you to create solutions.



    ​Love and light,